Habits to stop gambling


I can’t stop going to pachinko because of its dependence, even if I understand how much pachinko can’t win because I thought I was trying to stop it.

If you get married with your own sweet thoughts, you will be able to quit. I will stop when I have a child. I will stop when it changes from Heisei to Reiwa. Pachinko until the age of 30, and never stop when the age of 30. I tried to make a break to stop pachinko, but all failed .



Life with pachinko

Only a handful of people can win

In a life with pachinko, the center of life becomes pachinko. Pachinko when I noticed that I was tired from work today, pachinko even though I had a long vacation, and pachinko even though I had no money. If you can win with a slingshot, you will feel very good that day. However, the world of competition that most of us often lose . Only a handful of people continue to win well.

I always regret losing

On the day I lost to pachinko, “Why did I go to pachinko today?” “If you notice, it’s already 11 o’clock. If you eat rice, take a bath, sleep and wake up, it’s work. ” I’ll definitely stop playing pachinko! 』\ I always think about this. It’s a very difficult situation both mentally and physically .

However, in the evening of the next day, “I will win today” and “What kind of platform will I hit today?” The memory of losing last time has disappeared somewhere. Why don’t you end this kind of life and lead a life without pachinko?


Life without pachinko

Life without pachinko can always be returned on time. I can talk with my family in various ways. You can play a lot with your kids. On holidays, there is nothing wrong with doing what you want to do all day long. You will have more money and time .

I think the most alleviated thing is stress. The money, time, relationships with family, etc. that were always in trouble will remain, but they will not increase anymore.

Let’s aim for a slingshot-free life by learning ” 4 habits to stop “. I think that if you can thoroughly enforce these four habits, you will naturally be able to get away from pachinko. It’s still a short time since I quit, so let’s do our best together.

Get into four habits

1, Block information related to pachinko

2, Recall the negative image of pachinko at any time

3, Don’t put a lot of money in your wallet

4, Find out how to make money outside of gambling

These are the four things I practiced to stop.

When I thought about what I was going to pachinko for, I thought I would make money with pachinko because I wanted “money”.

Block information related to pachinko

First of all, can you make money with pachinko? I can’t earn the answer. It’s natural because I’m in debt and even debt consolidation. Finally, think of a way to avoid going to pachinko. Since I think about pachinko without doing anything, I blocked the information related to 1 pachinko. Specifically, Pachinko articles will be posted on pachinko sites and video sites without permission, so notify all of them off . Or set it so that it is not displayed at all.

Make it possible to always remember the negative image of pachinko

I think about pachinko without doing anything. I instantly remember that I had a hard time with pachinko. I tried to always remember the negative image of 2 pachinko.

At first, you will lose the desire to go to pachinko, so you can go to pachinko, so make an effort to remember it. Every day, I try to remember the “negative image” when I want to go to pachinko .

As you repeat it, you will gradually be able to imagine it instantly. Then brainwash yourself and let pachinko be recognized as “evil” .

Don’t put a lot of money in your wallet

If I didn’t have money in my wallet just in case I went to pachinko, I had to go home to get it, so I practiced not putting a lot of money in my wallet 3. I put coins like coffee in my wallet.

Find out how to make money other than gambling

I also wanted money, so I searched for ways to make money other than gambling in 4. If you can’t make money with pachinko, let’s make money with a side job .

Side business that even beginners can do

・ Blog management

・ Affiliate

・ Investment

・ Sales of paintings (NFT)

・ Earn from games (NFT)

・ Game commentary

・ Selling books on Kindle

I think there are many others, so let’s try something that you can investigate by yourself.

Sum up

The four actions listed here were more valuable than they were.

I was also in debt because of the slingshot, and I was able to live the life that my stressed hair did.

Therefore, those who are suffering from pachinko are doing things that can be stopped this way.