Title: Kindle Publishing: A Lucrative Side Hustle


Kindle publishing refers to the practice of writing and selling e-books, magazines, and other written content that can be read on devices like personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. The idea of selling a book might seem daunting to beginners, but it’s actually quite achievable once you understand the process. Personally, I was initially skeptical when I first learned about Kindle publishing as a potential side hustle. I thought, “I could never write a book.” However, I’ve since published four books and can attest that anyone can do it.

In my case, I had written over 100 blog posts in the past, and I realized that I could compile these posts into e-books. Writing a book can be seen as an extension of blogging, and with this mindset, I found it much easier to complete my books. Alternatively, if you regularly post content on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, you can gather your posts to create a book.

Earnings Potential

Now, you might be wondering how much you can earn through Kindle publishing. In my first two months, I made around $6. This might not seem like much, but remember that I’m still relatively new to this side hustle, and this figure represents my initial earnings.

Kindle Publishing Income Model

There are primarily two ways to earn through Kindle publishing. First, you can set your book’s price at around $9.99 and enroll it in KDP Select. When someone purchases your book, you receive a 70% royalty, which amounts to approximately $7 per sale. Enrolling in KDP Select means you can’t publish your e-book with other companies.

The second method involves earning money based on how many pages of your book are read. If you enroll in Kindle Unlimited, you’ll earn approximately $0.005 per page read. Additionally, Kindle allows you to offer your e-book for free for up to five days every 90 days. By providing your book for free, you can attract more readers, which can boost your earnings through page reads.

The Advantages of Kindle Publishing

One significant advantage of Kindle publishing is that you can offer your book for free, and people will still download and read it. Even if you don’t make sales, you can earn money through page reads. This low barrier to entry makes it an accessible side hustle.

Additionally, you can set up a free promotion for your e-book for up to five days every three months, which can help you attract more readers and potentially boost your earnings.

Kindle publishing can be seen as an extension of your blogging efforts. By repurposing your existing content into e-books, you can expand your reach and earn additional income. Whether you’re an experienced blogger or a frequent social media user, Kindle publishing is a lucrative side hustle worth exploring.

How to Get Started with Kindle Publishing

Here’s a brief overview of how to get started with Kindle publishing on a Mac:

  • Write your book using an application like Pages, which comes standard on Mac.
  • Once your book is complete, export it as an EPUB file.
  • Design a book cover using tools like Canva and save it as a JPG or PNG file.
  • Upload your book and cover to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).
  • Set your book’s price, enroll in KDP Select if desired, and publish it.

With determination and consistency, you can build a portfolio of e-books and potentially earn a steady income through Kindle publishing. I encourage you to turn this article into a piece that can inspire others to explore this side hustle. Happy publishing!